Caitlin and Kyle and I are trying to create a collab video of the entire fandom dancing along to ‘I Would Walk 500 Miles’ as inspired by this.

If you wish to take part upload your video of you dancing like the cast to youtube and send the link via email to knightsandblueboxes@aol.com

You have till November 13th to submit your addition.

Pass the word on.

EDIT: Include a flag of your country in the video.

We feel this would interest all of you.


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    Remember this? Oh man, good times.
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    For Kafwen Yoo. We made a ridiculous video last night. Hahahhaaha.
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    I’m reblogging this because I want to see everything single one of my Whovians in here.
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    Did this last night!!! :D
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    Doing this right now with my friend. She’s Rose Tyler and I’m Martha Jones. It’s going swell.
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    [ YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES ] [ BTW this is me and my buddy, yeah. We walked 500 miles, and then...
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    Just sent in unauthorizedalchemist's and my submission. An excuse to act like total dorks? We were alllll over that.
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    I’m planning on it~
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    You have until my birthday. DO IT.
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    ooc: So, who else is doing this~?
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